Vancouver, USA - A Sunset Best Value Town / by Becky Rude

From Sunset, February 2017

20 Best Value Towns in the West

"If you’re relocating to Portland and want the best value for your money, there’s a good chance you won’t be house-shopping in Portland. Or even in Oregon. You’ll be looking in Vancouver. Not the Vancouver in Canada but the one across the Columbia River from PDX, in income-tax-free Washington State."

. . . 

"In the past few years, West Vancouver’s dormant downtown and Uptown Village retail strip have reawakened. Today, you’ll find brewpubs, wine bars, restaurants, and coffee bars— all of them bringing a little piece of Portland to the suburbs."

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And, we're a fan of the space we created with Boomerang, the innovative, philanthropic, downtown Vancouver generosity and coffee shop:

"Boomerang, a shop and coffee house in downtown Vancouver, donates its profits to local causes— and has a treehouse inside."