Sparks Building Transformation

Former home furnishings store is Hurley's newest renovation project downtown

Sparks Building Makeover - Courtesy The Columbian 2014

"Halfway through its remodeling project, the 40,000-square-foot store that for more than 50 years sold loveseats, patio sets and armoires has been stripped of its finishing and fixtures. Dimly lit, it looks closer to “dingy” than “alive.”

But those who’ve watched Hurley remodel four previous downtown buildings in less than five years say they have faith in the vision he’s bringing to the city block between Broadway and C Street along Evergreen Boulevard.

'There’s been a huge change downtown in the past five years. People are excited to be here,” said Lee Rafferty, executive director of Vancouver’s Downtown Association. “Ryan Hurley has been one of the biggest forces behind that change.'

As Hurley has gutted and reinvented buildings in the city center, he’s also helped a broader effort by the downtown community to reinvent itself, Rafferty said."